It has been a summer of deep reflection for me spent in England and sometimes France. And during this period I entered a period of forced abstinence from all the social media sites to allow me to look at the world from a different angle without having to explain myself as my thoughts came together. And so the posts here have been absent; for that I apologise.
Apart from reflecting, which of course is an interesting but finally worthless exercise, I have worked through both of my novels again and made some major revisions. On this blog I have attached the revised first chapters of each and I encourage you all to read and send me your opinions. I suppose in all over fifty people have by now read the books and I am really encouraged by their views. Of course some of the observations have caused changes in the text but all my readers (who are not just family. My hairdresser today was really interested and so I have just emailed her a copy) have said they really enjoyed the reads. And that has encouraged me.
Now of course the focus has returned again to getting them published. I have written letters to many, if not most of the literary agents in the UK and their tardiness in replying, if even with a rejection, is depressing. But I soldier on and I am well now into the third novel.

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