I read this on a BBC news a feed:

Artist Lee Hadwin has a unique talent – he can only produce his artwork in his sleep.  Lee cannot remember doing anything while he is asleep, and cannot recreate his work while he is awake.  Speaking to the BBC, Lee says he has no real interest in art, but has been producing his own work since a small child.

When I dream I am fortunate that I have some control and if it gets into a boring loop I can change it and take it off into new directions.  If I don’t like the dream I can wake myself up to start again.

More interestingly sometimes when I am dreaming I compose orchestral music.  It’s original and beautiful.  But awake?  I can’t compose a nursery rhyme.

It have been thinking about this for a time and I have even considered going to hypnotist to see if I can recreate the experience and bring the subconscious to the conscious.

I am unsure of the percentages but I know we only use a fraction of our brain power; and in my case its less than most!!  I suppose the 95% is not always away on holiday, I assume it is doing important things like making sure I keep breathing.

But what if we could learn how to harness it?  I would out-Einstein, Einstein and deliver the unified general theory of relativity, or learn the mechanisms of the HIV virus and probably in my spare time find the elusive elementary particle; the Higgs Boson.

Albert Einstein

But seriously I really do wonder if under hypnosis I could learn another language or draw more than stick men?

Under hypnosis I would be fed a hundred new words in some obscure language and hope to recite them on waking.  And we could see what happens when placed at a piano or when sat with a crayon and paper.

So if you hear of a new genius with a prodigious output of new theories and art then you know how it all came about.  One day, maybe one day!!

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  1. Gerry, you cannot use a title like this and give us an article like this!!! content has to fit the title!! where is all the sexy stuff???

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