We loved Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in ‘Shaun of the Dead’.  They were brilliant in ‘Hot Fuzz’ and then quite by accident I found their latest film together ‘Paul’ which I have just watched.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost at Supanova 2011 Q&A...
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost at Supanova 2011

I won’t spoil your enjoyment by even starting to explain the plot other than to say that the two are this time in the USA.  There are the same funny parodies of other more serious films.

It’s not as sequel of anything but if you like these two heroes then watch it.  Very funny and one I will watch again.

(There was no Nick Frost but ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ was another Pegg film worth catching if you like this style of British humour.)

Anyone agree?

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