Leaving Dubai!!!  Well it looks like the era has come to an end.  I am making a clean break from my past and all my memories both happy and sad.  I have taken a piece of work in Saudi.  I am selling up everything that I and others bought together and getting back to being just a man with a suitcase.

Dubai, UAE | Dubai Creek ¦ #2

Upside: I have no ties and can wander off to wherever the muses take me.

Downside: I will not have a home or any place for repose and rest. I can’t remember any time when I didn’t have a home and my own things around me.  Is it just one short step to being a vagrant with an old pram walking up and down Oxford Street?  I hope not!! And I’ll try and make sure that life is up from here!!

I know it’s going to be a terrible wrench and I suppose it is the final and last cleansing before I reappear, hopefully in six months, even healthier and fitter than before.  My plans there?  Well apart from making some money and topping up reserves I want to try and learn Russian and the also the piano!!!  Of course I will also finish my third novel and  get the first two published.  Well I don’t think there will be much else to keep me busy. In ‘Blah Blah’ Tommy suggests that for a man marriage is the fastest way to celibacy.  Not sure that is quite right.  If recovering from a breakdown over the last two years was a more successful route then a few months in Saudi should complete torture!!!

I will keep blogging both here and other places on how it turns out but don’t forget me!!  I will need all my good friends to keep my spirits up.  Keep writing and let me know how you are.  Trivial and mundane news will be as welcome as updates on the big life events. When does it happen?  Well it all depends on visas etc. but within a couple of weeks.  I might just do a final reflection blog on life and times in Dubai as I leave, but now it’s: Riyhad, here I come!!!

PS:  I suppose now I will finally have to get a haircut 🙂

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